Elk Grove Garage Door Repair Inspection Sheet

We encourage everyone to make periodic inspections of their garage door. Keep the owner's manual close to your garage door and become familiar with the contents. It is always prudent to do preventive garage door maintenance in an ongoing basis because it can keep your costs down and your garage door functioning properly. We recommend that everyone follow standard operation guidelines.

For those American Garage Doors customers who prefer to do their own preventive maintenance, we have prepared a basic Garage Door Inspection Sheet to facilitate this process. This Inspection Sheet addresses all the parts of a garage door. The list will help to keep your garage door, opener, racks, and other components working well:

Garage door opener:

illustration of an inspection sheet Garage Door Inspection In Progress

Don't take shortcuts by checking several items at once. It is best that you cycle your Elk Grove Garage door opener several times to check for each item on the above list. Look for any part of the garage door that is binding or stops during the opening or closing process, or is loose. Also, be sure to check the safety sensor, to see that it interrupts appropriately when the beam is broken.

Garage door:

Remember that we recommend that you check one item at a time as you may miss a malfunction. Check each item above by running a garage door opening and closing cycle. Put your garage door in its manual mode and lift the door to check its balance. A garage door in its resting position should only move a few inches at most. If it moves to the ground or in its upright position, it is an indication the door needs adjustment or a possible repair. Also look for signs of wear, stress, or tears in the metal or other places. A bent spring or uneven gaps between the coils is a clear indication a faulty spring. Refer to our garage door maintenance comments for additional assistance. Our certified American Garage Doors Garage Door Elk Grove technician is only a phone call away to respond to all your needs. Call us at 916-978-1006 or toll-free at 1-866-575-9050 for the Elk Grove area or for the cities of Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, and Folsom use our toll free telephone number: 1-866-575-9050.

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